The month of love is nearly here. And to celebrate and appreciate all the love  I have revived over this last year, i’m doing another give-a-way!

I’m looking for a ♥ VALENTINES DAY ♥ baby

All baby born in the month of  February, will receive a FREE photo shoot, worth £100!!

Spread the word and book now. Invite friends and family who have FEB babies.

Share the post on your page. Spread the news, share the love ♥

Pearl Cake Smash

IMG_2456After just restarting Cake Smash Sessions I loved this experimental session the most … A Halloween Themed session.. Had so much fun during the session met the most amazing Pearl , her mum and grandma. Each baby that comes to my studio is unique and I never can predict how they are going to react with their first encounter with Cake and Sugar. Today however I can say the Pearl was a true cake lover! Such a fun cake smash.

The Beautiful Esme Isabella Atkins

This Little Girl was an angel to work with.  I am so inlove with this Cake Smash Session now….

Esme-Cake-smash-CP02Love the  Pink and Plum colours, Makes it even better when your little model is a Gorgeous Little Princess! Little Miss Esme came to see us  at our home studio and she loved her cake smash! Esme mum told me she is a happy eater and she was not wrong :). Her mum was being modest she had made the lovely cake…

Cake Smash

CAKE SMASH SESSION             0nly £30 

For a limited time only Cheeky Little Hearts is proud to present  another Short and Sweet Session

This will be a  1 hointroductory cake smash session01urs session.

• Facebook sneaky peek
• Online Gallery Active for 1 weeks

NOTE: Does not include Outfit, Cake and Digital Files.

The studio has a few outfit options, and can also arrange the cake on request (additional cost).

Short and Sweet Session NEWBORN SESSION

NEWBORN SESSION             0nly £60 

For a limited time only Cheeky Little Hearts is proud to present  a Short and Sweet Session Newborn session.collection-(6)

This will be a  1 hours session.

• Facebook sneaky peek
• Online Gallery Active for 4 weeks

Siblings must be discussed before session date. (Does not include Digital Files)

Mid of the month Free Maternity Shoot

Cheeky Little Hearts is proud to be offering a mid of the month FREE shoot celebrating motherhood.

I when through a tough pregnancy and would like to create awareness of prenatal depression. As each pregnancy is unique and each experience is terrific and tough at the same time, I would like to celebrate them both by offer mums to be a free Maternity photo shotcelebrating motherhood MID every month.

This  FREE MATERNITY SHOOT will include



Cheeky Little Hearts is proud to be offering a mid of the month free shoot celebrating motherhood.

Lets appreciate all MUMS to be.

To Book the FREE shoot Contact the Studio on 07502502204 or  01702305514

Cheeky Little hearts “Birthday”

To celebrate  Cheeky Little Hearts Photography birthday, here is a fantastic and  special introductory offers.

All standard photo shoots are currently HALF PRICE!! Thats right, a whole 50% off each shoot! And to make it even more exciting, if you book a session before the end of January, you will receive 10% off any prints or Wall Art which you choose.

For more details of the products which are available contact the studio or check our FB page. (www.facebook.com/cheekylittlehearts)

Vouchers can also be purchased which make a great gift for any friends or family who may be expecting their own little heart!

Adorable Little OSCAR 7 DAYS old

I was welcomed into the home of a very friendly couple Natallie and Andy to photography there FIRST adorable little boy OSCAR.

Natallie won the BUMP compitition and got a free Newborn shoot collections (1)

Which includes


  • COMPLIMENTARY 8 Images 6×4.
  • COMPLIMENTARY 4 Images 8×6.
  • COMPLIMENTARY 2 Images 10×8
  • Facebook sneaky peek
  • Online gallary.

This little man was 7 days old and soooo  cute. After a long time did a home shoot and loved it purely due two the welcoming  nature of the lovely couple and their DOG

Oscar Shoot  (4)

Including Cake Smash Sessions

Cake Smash Introductory Session only £30!

We are very proud to announce that Cheeky Little Hearts Photography will not be doing Cake Smash sessions too… Yahoooo… Note as we are still running our introductory offer the Cake Smash session is free where you bring the cake and do shoot the session.

Now I have been asked a few times and after giving it some thought have decided to start  offering Cake Smash photo shoots. And the best part is that they are being offered at an introductory price!!

They are a great way to celebrate you little stars  1st or 2nd birthday… so don’t miss out on this great offer of fun filled images…..

Cake Smashes are the fun and messy photo shoots…  you take a baby, a cake, put them together and photograph what come after…., haha! all of the parents want the cake to be SMASHED .. but some babies are really proper and just eat… dads relax not all babies are the smashing type.. and mums relax it can all be cleaned… 🙂 😉

I know that some people worry that the cake is very sweet and not what a 1yr old should be eating, however very little of the cake is actually consumed. It is mainly played with, and most of it is thrown away.

1yr olds don’t tend to over indulge in sweet things, they just aren’t like that at that age. Most babies eat until they’re full, then they tend to just play. It’s us parents who end up eating most of the cake! 🙂

So, if you your up for a lot of laughing, fun  and want to helping your baby to destroy a beautiful birthday cake and capturing the process, get in touch.