Feeling inspired

I watched this video and was inspired, non of us know when or  what will happen and how much time we really have in this world. We worry about the future and are constantly running to make a better life for our loved ones.  Little do we realise that we spend less time with them due to that very fact. “I only wrote this lecture for three people and when the are older they will watch it”these world in the video struck a code with me and after watching this I ended up looking at a diary I started during my pregnancy with my first little cute pie.  There was and is so much that I want to say to her, also so much I wish for her to remember and know… so I asked myself what do I do… Its been days and I have not been able to shake away that feeling. As I was wondering what can I do or where should I start. Video bloging is not my thing so I am going to embark on a personal project of sharing my feelings and thoughts.Once a month I will be posting a  letters recording my two darlings activities and addressing my loved ones in Letter to My Sweets. Thank you for looking I would like others to post comments and share their thoughts as well. Do watch this video it is truly inspiring. https://www.facebook.com/isaac.pintosevich.systems/videos/269659659729779/?pnref=story