Letter to My Sweets week 1

My darlings little sweethearts. Rahma you turned 3 this year, you are such a special little princess.

Before Ayra was born I worried that you would be jealous and would not share mommy or daddy with the new little baby sister. You were always very protective of me, if I would get hurt you would come running and ask “what happened Mummy” with concerned nearly teary eyes and say “Ill give you a kiss and it will be alright mummy” and with those small hands touch my face and kiss. But when your sister came into our lives your nurturing attitude blossomed further. And now, you come to her defence “mommy Ayra is crying WHY you are not picking her up”… “Mummy why are making that face to her” You raise your voice and make sure that we pay more attention to her. And now I think what was so afraid off YOUR AMAZING.

You have a pure smile making everyone smile around you. I didn’t know what love is until I met you. I can not imagine a world without your cute and adorable smile. Never had I imagined that one could hold their hearts in their own hands. I pray every day that this flame of love never goes out and it help you in becoming an even better person in the future.

You are my heart my dear child may you stay blessed and amazing.