Letter to My Sweets week 2

Dear Ayra,

How thankful I am that you are a part of my life. You have made my heart grow bigger and better.

When your sister was born I was unaware that I could see my heart smile and giggle. She had my undivided attention and love. Before your arrival I was worried that I didn’t have any more love to give, but I was so wrong.  When I held you for the first time I felt a rush and calm. I didn’t know these two feelings could happen at the same time. I was not worried any more as I got a feeling you will make your own room in all our hearts, and you definitely have.

I had never held a baby so young before your sister but I have never snuggled someone for this long too. Both of you have found your own ways to my heart, she with her kisses and you with your cuddles.  Your sister is my giggly heart and you are my snuggle bunny.

Your grandma Calls you “Mummies Snap Button” and I love that.

There is an amazing spark in your eyes, and I pray that you discover and explore the endless possibilities awaiting you.

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