Introductory Offer

Cheeky little hearts photography has currently moved to the Essex Area. We are currently offering   introductory shoots.

Any bookings taken up until the end of January 2016 will receive 50% OFF, plus an extra 10% discount OFF of any wall art. So make your booking now to be able to take advantage of this great offer before it ends!

During February, the discounted session price will still be in effect, however wall art will be back to full price.

March will see the normal rates coming into effect.

Booking prices are applicable no matter when your baby is due, so even if you’re not expecting until after the offer ends, if you book now, you still get the discounted rate. How good is that? 🙂

So  don’t wait and book now.

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Studio: 01702 305514

Email: or

Letter to My Sweets week 3

Dear Rahma,

Sometimes I still can’t believe that I have been blessed with you as my daughter. How is it that I have the honour of giving birth to you, seeing you grow, holding you, hearing your laughter and learn.


Every day is a wonderful surprise and I am constantly impressed by your clever thoughts and your cheekiness. I love to listen to your stories especially, the one about Nemo the excitement you hold in your voice “Nemo’s dad come back” and expression and faces you make take my breath away.


Watching you and your sister fills my heart with so much happiness that words can’t describe.

Special Offer………. FREE child photo shot

child photoshoot

Hi All

Cheeky Little Hearts Photography have recently moved to the Essex Area and in Celebration of establishing our new studio in the Essex, we are offering 10 free Children photography Session at a location of your choosing.

The first luck 5 to contact and book a session get a complimentary Fine Art 10×8 print.

Book Now Limited time offer
You can contact us on Fb, email or call our studio

Note for parents Booking: Your little star should be more then 12 months old.

If your interested Download and complete the booking form, the photographer will give you a call to discuss the location, date and meet up and walk you through how the session works and our terms and conditions.

Remember MUMs and DADs its FREE

The session is free and you receive a free 10×8 of your choice.
You have the option of buying images as an add on to the free session.


Package one
• Set of 10 images 8×6 £40
Package two
• All images 8×6 £100
Package three
• All images 8×6 £140
• 8 Digital downloads

Booking Forms 4 children shoot

Amazing workshop in Southend

Our Photographer attend an amazing workshop in Southend at the beautiful seafront in Leigh on Sea.  She came back with amazing images and highly recommend the training provided by Paul Fowler and Saraya Cortaville.

“The two are amazing….:) feel confidant and the critical appreciation was helpful and productive, giving me confidence in going off and doing this again.” Madi’s words

For more information of further training you can visit this link (

Madi’s experience at the workshop was a Perfect day topped by a beautiful and lovely looking girls Lizzie. “She is only 5 and was a pro at modelling………… extremely engaged, calms and brilliantly took directions……. a lovely dear little girl.”  which is always helpful when you are trying to create a portfolio.

The group was led by two amazing photographers helping and guiding and most of all…. being very supportive…… the group walked around Leigh and took wide variety of portraits for her, as the tide came in earlier then expected, the wondered round the back of shops getting Lizzie to pose in front of doorways….

The group captured some images that normally would not be have been possible without the lovely sun. Constantly changing locations. The lovely model Lizzie bought a couple of changes of clothes a beautiful floral dress a lovely little hat and those yellow sandals fitted perfectly with the location!

We are now Offering Child Photography at our new studio in Southend.

Visit our Fb page for more information ( stay updated on our blag

 child photoshoot

Letter to My Sweets week 2

Dear Ayra,

How thankful I am that you are a part of my life. You have made my heart grow bigger and better.

When your sister was born I was unaware that I could see my heart smile and giggle. She had my undivided attention and love. Before your arrival I was worried that I didn’t have any more love to give, but I was so wrong.  When I held you for the first time I felt a rush and calm. I didn’t know these two feelings could happen at the same time. I was not worried any more as I got a feeling you will make your own room in all our hearts, and you definitely have.

I had never held a baby so young before your sister but I have never snuggled someone for this long too. Both of you have found your own ways to my heart, she with her kisses and you with your cuddles.  Your sister is my giggly heart and you are my snuggle bunny.

Your grandma Calls you “Mummies Snap Button” and I love that.

There is an amazing spark in your eyes, and I pray that you discover and explore the endless possibilities awaiting you.

Proud to be part of Remember My Baby team

We are very proud to be part of Remember My Baby team ….This is UK based non-profit organisation of professional photographers that volunteer their time for the benefit of parents who have just experienced losing their baby before, during or shortly after birth. Cheeky Little Hearts is a Proud Volunteer


Remember My Baby celebrates its First Anniversary this week. What a talented and amazing bunch of Photographers Volunteering their time to visit families who need them.Lots of love and respect to the lovely RMB Team.

Letter to My Sweets week 1

My darlings little sweethearts. Rahma you turned 3 this year, you are such a special little princess.

Before Ayra was born I worried that you would be jealous and would not share mommy or daddy with the new little baby sister. You were always very protective of me, if I would get hurt you would come running and ask “what happened Mummy” with concerned nearly teary eyes and say “Ill give you a kiss and it will be alright mummy” and with those small hands touch my face and kiss. But when your sister came into our lives your nurturing attitude blossomed further. And now, you come to her defence “mommy Ayra is crying WHY you are not picking her up”… “Mummy why are making that face to her” You raise your voice and make sure that we pay more attention to her. And now I think what was so afraid off YOUR AMAZING.

You have a pure smile making everyone smile around you. I didn’t know what love is until I met you. I can not imagine a world without your cute and adorable smile. Never had I imagined that one could hold their hearts in their own hands. I pray every day that this flame of love never goes out and it help you in becoming an even better person in the future.

You are my heart my dear child may you stay blessed and amazing.

Feeling inspired

I watched this video and was inspired, non of us know when or  what will happen and how much time we really have in this world. We worry about the future and are constantly running to make a better life for our loved ones.  Little do we realise that we spend less time with them due to that very fact. “I only wrote this lecture for three people and when the are older they will watch it”these world in the video struck a code with me and after watching this I ended up looking at a diary I started during my pregnancy with my first little cute pie.  There was and is so much that I want to say to her, also so much I wish for her to remember and know… so I asked myself what do I do… Its been days and I have not been able to shake away that feeling. As I was wondering what can I do or where should I start. Video bloging is not my thing so I am going to embark on a personal project of sharing my feelings and thoughts.Once a month I will be posting a  letters recording my two darlings activities and addressing my loved ones in Letter to My Sweets. Thank you for looking I would like others to post comments and share their thoughts as well. Do watch this video it is truly inspiring.